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  1. Personal Playmate Vibrating Pocket Pussy Detailed features molded from specially formulated latex blend. Stimu-Numbs inside the sleeve stimulate and tickle you to heighten arousal. Vibro-Drive mechanism puts multi-speed power at your finger tips! Price: $18.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  2. Pussyman`s Perfect Pussy Dripping with shimmering jewelry from its tender pussy lips, this flawless casting of a perfect snatch is a dream cum true! With vibrating action, hands-free use and a silky tuft of pube hair, this anal and vaginal pocket is the best! Price: $94.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  3. Tiffany Mynx Realistic™ Pussy & Ass You know you wanna fuck her! Every man does. She's the hottest twat to hit the XXX circuit yet! This little item was molded from her pussy & ass poised and ready for your cock! Has the ultra realistic feel of real flesh. Go for it! Price: $81.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  4. Juli Ashton Ultra Realistic Pussy & Anus Juli Ashton takes particular pride in this amazing replica of her revered love tunnels. It is molded directly from her body. There is no going back now, how can you resist. A vagina and anus that is the exact same of porn star legend Juli Ashton! Price: $94.95 Manufacturer: TLC
  5. Chasey Lain Deluxe Personal Model Vibrating Incredibly soft, life-like texture Compact size Variable speed vibrating vagina Life-like hair & color. Includes Chasey lube & cleaning solution. Price: $53.95 Manufacturer: Wildfire
  6. Chasey Lain Signature Model Fuck A Porn Star's Pussy! Ultra-Lifelike Look and Feel! Super Pulsating Vagina! Exxxtra tight anal opening! Plus -- you control her wet excitement! This pussy is for you! Price: $70.95 Manufacturer: Wildfire
  7. Juli Ashton Pussy & Anus You know you love to watch her in action. Juli Ashton has one of the best asses and one of the prettiest pussies. Taken from an actual mold, she wants everyone to experience her in bed. She loves her fans and she wants them all to fuck her. What a woman! Price: $196.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  8. Kobe Tai Ultra Realistic Pussy And Ass The most anatomically correct pussy ever made! You know you love to watch her. Kobe Tai has one of the best asses and one of the prettiest pussies. Taken from an actual mold, she wants everyone to experience her in bed. She wants you to fuck her. Price: $187.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  9. Devinn Lane`s Vibrating Double Pleasure Exquisitely sculpted to reveal every delicate detail of Devinn's magnificent pussy and anus. Special care was taken to re-create the luscious textures and folds that this goddess of love has to offer. Down the pierced clit! Price: $79.95 Manufacturer: Wicked
  10. Stephanie Swift`s Rotating Pleasurizer Ultra-soft super stretchy material, super powerful rotating action, exquisitely detailed! Just close your eyes and slide inside Stephanie Swift. It is the ultimate in pleasuring yourself. You will really feel her skin with new soft touch material. Price: $42.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  11. Meridian`s Vibrating Dual Pleasure Genuine cast of Meridian's celebrated vagina and anus! Incredibly life-like in every detail, removable bullet vibrator with pocket. Experience every soft fold of her vagina and anus. New futurotic material feel just like Meridian's soft skin! Price: $54.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  12. Kira`s Ultra Realistic Pussy & Anus New soft touch material, natural thrust design for real hands free action, silky realistic pubic hair, just like the real thing, multi-speed vibration for variable levels of intensity! Includes a vibrating egg! Price: $94.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  13. Hustler - A Little Pussy Unbelievably stretch, soft-n-spongy latex pussy with vibrating bullet. Multi-speed vibrations for you to control! Price: $18.95 Manufacturer: Hustler
  14. Cyberskin™ Cyber Pussy Feels like a real pussy! It combines the feel of soft skin with tight inner walls. You can't get any closer to the real thing than this. Everyone needs a little action sometimes and this is perfect for the times you don't get a real pussy in your bed! Price: $35.95 Manufacturer: TLC
  15. Futurotic Lover This ultra life-like tight and sassy pussy and butthole is composed of the super supple Futurotic material. This is the ultimate pocket pal has a removable power pack and some talc for easy care. It really feel like a real, nice, warm, tight pussy! Price: $51.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  16. Real Soft Personal Pussy Sculpted personal pussy with a stretching cavity to fit every cock size. It is made to feel like a real one. Super silicone formula swallows your cock, no matter what size. It's hot, wet and the tight cavity will force you into a fantastic climax!Price: $16.95 Manufacturer: Erostar
  17. Chasey Lain Cyber Signature Pussy Porn super star Chasey Lain has teamed up with space age cyber skin to bring you her pussy and ass to masturbate! It includes a removable vibrating bullet for your mood changes! Price: $74.95 Manufacturer: Wildfire
  18. Crystal Pussy Finely detailed translucent multi-speed vibrating vagina with exquisitely textured sleeve. It vibrates, jelly to feel like a real pussy and it comes with lubrication. This is as real as you will get. Price: $24.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  19. Senso Glowing Pussy A super tight pussy that prevents you from ever getting lost in the dark. Even when the real thing is there in front of you, you may not be able to find the whole. You worries are over. You will never get lost again. Price: $16.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  20. Alexa`s Vibrating Insatiable Pussy So how would you like to have my cute little muffin always close at hand? Well, here's your chance! And yeah, it's really me. If you take a close look, you can see it’s a perfect match, just like you and me! Price: $15.95 Manufacturer: Wicked
  21. Senso Beaded Crystal Pussy This beautifully detailed pussy masturbator has a ribbed shaft and 5 large pleasure beads for incredible levels of stimulation. Soft and stretchy, this pussy is also transparent for your viewing pleasure. Price: $18.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  22. Strawberry Pussy This is a deliciously scented, finely detailed, translucent jelly vagina with stimulating noduled sleeve. It has powerful multi-speed vibes. Price: $24.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  23. Strawberry Ass Tight jelly anus with noduled sleeve and powerful Swedish Erotica battery pack with the succulent aroma of fresh strawberries. An ass has never felt so good, or smelled so good! Price: $22.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  24. Nicole`s Futurotic Pussy & Ass Molded from Nicole Sheridan's luscious folds and curves we give you 3lbs. Of futurotic pleasure. Multi-speed removable Swedish Erotica battery pack that slips into the deep recessed pocket for optimal bullet placement! Price: $89.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  25. Passionate Pussy Let this pussy swallow you whole! Provocatively detailed, hand painted, Better-Than-Real vagina with a soft, richly noduled sleeve. Price: $14.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  26. Sultry Vibro Pussy Exquisitely detailed, hand painted life like Better-Than-Real vagina with a noduled love tunnel. Powerful removable power pack strategically positioned for ideal placement. Price: $18.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  27. Vibro UR3 Twin Bullet Vagina Twice the bullets, twice the vibration, and twice the pleasure! It is fresh and tight, and ready for your hard throbbing cock! Includes multi-speed, multi function controller, twin bullets, an all purpose Doc Johnson lube, and powder.Price: $80.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  28. Vibro UR3 Virgin Vagina This beautiful pussy made from Doc Johnson's new Ultra-Realisic 3.0 skin has it's own cherry still intact! Includes an MSX controller with bullet, powder lubricant to revitalize the Realistic skin and Doc's all purpose lube. Be the first! It's amaziingly lifelike Price: $80.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  29. Christy Canyon Realistic™ Vagina Enjoy the furry pubes and tight snatch of legend Christy Canyon! Cast from her own wet love hole, this life-like molding vibrates at your command for absolute pleasure! Price: $42.95 Manufacturer: Vivid
  30. Jenteal Vibrating Vagina and Anus An Ultra Realistic™ casting from porn superstar Jenteal! Heavy construction and delicate molding provide hours of fabulous pumping. Just turn on the solid-state remote and thrill to deep anal and vaginal penetration! Price: $94.95 Manufacturer: Vivid
  31. Kobe Tai Vibrating Vagina Delicately cast with a material that stretches for a perfect fit, every tender fold and crease is here! With a dependable solid-state remote for variable-speed vibrating action, you control the humping and pumping action! Price: $70.95 Manufacturer: Vivid
  32. Nikki Tyler Vagina and Ass Nikki Tyler's tasty pink parts are captured with exquisite detail for your pleasure. Cast in an amazingly life-like material that has the feel of tender flesh, this two hole pleasure pocket is a tight treat! Turn on the vibrating action and enjoy! Price: $60.95 Manufacturer: Vivid
  33. Lexus Ultra Realistic™ Vagina and Ass Perfectly cast in superb Realistic™ skin, the vibrating, juicy pussy and tight anus of Vivid Girl Lexus stretches to fit any man's throbbing cock! Warm to the touch, this is as good, and definitely less expensive than Lexus' real snatch! Price: $94.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  34. Tia Bella Ultra Realistic Vagina New soft touch material, natural thrust design for real hands free action, silky realistic pubic hair, just like the real thing, multi-speed vibration for variable levels of intensity! Includes a vibrating egg! Price: $70.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  35. Dyanna Lauren Ultra Real Vagina Molded from this Vivid superstar's vagina. It has silky realistic public hair, multi-speed vibration, and comes with lube. The material is the new soft touch so it really feels like her pussy. It has hand free action, you can fuck it and not hold it! Price: $70.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  36. Cassidey UR3 Vibrating Vagina Cassidey's All America Vibrating Pussy and Anus. This beauty is molded in Doc's new Ultra-Realistic 3.0 skin from a mold of Cassidey's actual pussy. It's the most realistic skin ever made and better yet, they put her cherry in it! Rock on this! Price: $94.95 Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  37. Honey Buns - Kristi Myst Anal Fuck Molded directly from XXX's anal queen - Kristi Myst's pussy and ass. Feels better than fucking a real ass or pussy. Dual vibrating bullets add to your fuck pleasure. Fuck her pussy and ass and cum hard. Hot-n-sticky bun syrup included. Price: $70.95 Manufacturer: Hustler
  38. Janine Realistic™ Vagina Precision-cast from Janine's super-tight pussy! This real-feeling love chamber has the look and special feel of superstar cooze! Fabulous detailing gets you a piece of prime sex action anytime you want it! Comes with quality lube.Price: $46.95 Manufacturer: Vivid
  39. Jasmine St. Claire Eroskin Vibrating Vagina And Anus Come fuck my pussy and asshole with your big, hard cock. Make me cum and I'll show you why they call me the Queen of Gang Bang! The stimulating sensation of real skin, designed to fit any man, vibrating with easy control with variable speed dial. Price: $94.95 Manufacturer: Erostar
  40. Heather Hunter Eroskin Vibrating Vagina And Anus Make Heather your hoe. Stick your hard thick cock deep inside both her holes and she'll take your load! The stimulating sensation of real skin, designed to fit any man, vibrating with easy control with variable speed dial. You'll experience ecstasy! Price: $94.95 Manufacturer: Erostar
  41. Senso Vagina Masturbator A sweet smelling pussy. Very rare these days. Just kidding. This pink pussy, gives a sweet smell while to jack off with it. It stretches any way that you need it to. Fits like a glove. Price: $17.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  42. Tori Welles Vibrating Vagina Bury you cock to the hilt in Torri's realistic vibrating warm, tight hole. She has the new Realtouch ultra lifelike material and color. Designed for hands free action. A heavy duty multi speed vibrator for variable levels of intensity. Price: $46.95 Manufacturer: Erostar
  43. Lexi Erickson Vibrating Vagina Cast from Lexi's own perfectly shaved pussy! Molded with astounding precision out of a unique, flesh-like compound. This hands free cock pocket has the unmistakable look and fee of quality snatch! Variable vibe speed brings your rocks off in style! Price: $46.95 Manufacturer: Erostar
  44. Peaches & Cream Vagina A finely detailed jelly vagina. It is perfect for those night that you feel like pussy, but can't get the real thing. With it being made with jelly, it feels like the inside of a woman's pussy. You'll never know the difference! Price: $20.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  45. Soap On A Rope Vagina Price: $11.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  46. Grape Vagina A fresh scented vagina that leaves you feeling good and smelling good. It has multi-speed vibrations and you can switch the levels on it. Pull your dick in and pull it out, it's the best sex you've had in a long time! Price: $19.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  47. Houston Pro Series- Uncut Vagina & Anus Made of an ultra life-like futurotic material that's super soft and molded from the Sex Queen's own private paradise. Superb sucking action with a super tight, exquisitely detailed, hand painted pussy are yours with the easy to use pump. Price: $67.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  48. Serenity`s Replica Vagina/Sleeve No sculptors involved! This is Serenity right down to the signature on the side! The size, shape and feel of Serenity brought right to you! Featuring the new Sensual Feel material! Pleasure nubs in the sleeve for ultimate Serenity sensation! Price: $23.95 Manufacturer: Las Vegas Novelties
  49. Serenity`s Replica Feet Let your foot fantasies come true! This is an exact replica of Serenity's feet, molded from her to you! Explore her arches, ankles, toes, or wherever your desires and fantasies take you! Feels fantastic, just like you are feeling Serenity herself! Price: $53.95 Manufacturer: Las Vegas Novelties
  50. Jewel De`Nyle Replica Vagina/Sleeve No sculptors involved! This is Jewel right to the signature on the side. It is the actual size, shape, and feel of her. The pleasure nubs in the sleeve give you the ultimate Jewel sensation. Lube well before use and enjoy! Price: $23.95 Manufacturer: Las Vegas Novelties
  51. Cyberskin Cinnamon Vagina And Anus 5x pulsation and vibration heightens stimulation and enhances orgasmic excitement. Giga powered love bullet. Dual pleasure dual entry design, with the tight anal entry and stimulating vaginal entry. Includes free lube and powder. Price: $91.95 Manufacturer: Hustler
  52. Cyberskin™ Anal Pocket Pal - Flesh The perfect pocket butt-hole is made of space-age Cyberskin™ for a more natural and realistic feel. Cyberskin is soft and pliable for exquisite comfort and pleasure! Cyberskin is safe for a many lubes! Plug your pole into this fuck-hole and cum! Price: $21.95 Manufacturer: Hustler
  53. Cyberskin™ Pussy Pocket Pal The perfect pocket pussy is made of space-age cyberskin for a more natural and realistic feel. Cyberskin is soft and pliable for exquisite comfort and pleasure! Cyberskin is safe for a many lubes! Plug your pole into this fuck-hole and cum! Price: $21.95 Manufacturer: Hustler
  54. Cyberskin Cyber Sex Buddy The Sex Buddy is a vagina that will give you virtual ecstasy! Cyberskin soft, supple lips envelop your shaft, while the tight inner walls hug your penis. It a compact size that fits right in your hand which allows you to squeeze for extra tightness! Price: $24.95 Manufacturer: Topco
  55. Monica Private Secretary She's young, sweet and very discreet. Feels just like a warm, tight pussy wrapped around your cock! A soft, life like vaginal masturbator that vibrates and rotates! Multi-speed and special textured sleeve for the man on the go! Price: $35.95 Manufacturer: Nasstoys
  56. Tera`s Cherry Scented Succulent Mouth Tera Patrick's soft, supple lips and erotic tongue were recreated for optimal cock swallowing action! Thrust into her exquisitely textured, sensually scented mouth. Turn up the powerful multi-speed vibrations for ultra erotic stimulation. Powerful fun! Price: $21.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  57. Penthouse Cyber Lover Fabulous CyberSkin featuring Virtual Touch for a smooth soft texture. Dual-Entry means one end is a mouth opening the other end is an anal opening. Both openings are VERY tight and pleasure-ribbed. Silicone lube included. Price: $26.95 Manufacturer: Topco
  58. Private Members Vibrating Vixen Pussy An excellent smooth CyberSkinned Pussy and Asshole featuring Virtual Touch for a soft texture! The wireless micro mini vibrator included means you can make this tight ribbed cunt vibrate without wires! Fuck it silly she's sturdy and built to take it! Price: $89.95 Manufacturer: Topco
  59. Impulse Pulsating Pocket Pal Pink translucence jelly pocket pal with richly textured noduled sleeve. Powered by the Impulse Power Pak, this masturbator has HyperSonic controls for sensational vibrating, pulsating, escalating, pleasure. Price: $37.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  60. Lacey`s Double Trouble Masturbator Incredibly soft, exquisitely detailed and sensually ribbed vibrating pussy with the removable ultra powerful BP-100 Power Pak. Price: $17.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic
  61. Futurotic Two Way Teaser Super soft, ultra stretchy, sumptuously detailed pussy and ass with an incredibly tight sleeve for ultimate stimulation. Price: $28.95 Manufacturer: California Exotic

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